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" She helped remind me how important exercise and nutrition were during pregnancy."
"KS Birth Services was a gift from God himself! We gained sooo much knowledge from Kay during our prenatal classes and visits. I felt extremely prepared for the birth. When the day came, or shall I say days (34 hour labor 😖), things did not go quite as planned, but Kay was there to reassure me that everything was ok. I was able to labor comfortably at home for 22 hours with her guidance. She helped me to walk, dance, rest, bathe, stretch and she made sure I ate as well. At the hospital she stepped in when the midwives were out the room. She helped me understand what was going on and what was delaying the labor. When we found out my baby was "sunny side up", Kay stepped right in with techniques to try to rotate her and ease the pain. After the labor, Kay visited with a post delivery gift to help me heal up quickly. We are still in contact til this day and she is absolutely fabulous! I truly cant imagine going through this life changing event without her and I will continue to recommend her doula services to every future mother I meet!"
K. Cheeks
Feel the Love Pouring Out from Our Arms into Yours
Kindred Spirits wouldn't be here today without these families welcoming me into the most precious blessing of life. It's birth, their new beginning. To each of you, thank you. 
I used Kay with Kindred Spirits Family Birth Partners when I was pregnant with my twins. Kay was amazing! She supported me throughout the pregnancy. She was very knowledgeable and patient. After an unexpected C-section, she was by my side when I woke up and assisted me with post natal care as well as breastfeeding. My experience with her was phenomenal and I decided to use her again when I was pregnant with my singleton. She assisted me in laboring at home and transported me to the hospital when it was time for the birth. I know that she played an instrumental role in me having a successful VBAC. Overall, Kindred Spirits has helped me to bring three beautiful boys into the world and I am immensely grateful.

R.  Payne
Kay kept me grounded and focused. She got right up in my face and kept reminding me to breathe and moan inwards, instead screaming and expelling all that enegry. She also helped manage my back labor pains with suggesting different poses and using all the tools in her goodie bag (wrap, balls, aromatherapy etc).
All the techniques she taught to me to support my wife (hip squeezes, massaging etc) were very useful. I was able to help manage her discomfort in the last weeks of pregnancy and throughout the birth.