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Mylk Majick
Tinctured herbal remedy to support a person through the lactation process. Mylk Majick will help restore your supply. Herbs include marshmallow, fennel, & basil.

KS Healing Emporium
Love's Army
Tinctured herbal remedy to support a person's mood in the postpartum period. Can also be used in moments of anxiety and to help prevent symptoms of depression. Herbs include lemon balm, orange, catnip, and nettles.

Crystal Eggs
Herbal remedies for the mind, body, & soul. 

Crystal yoni eggs to help transmit and transform your energy.
Crystal Eggs are believe to assist in bringing transformative spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional healing. Our stock includes rose quartz, que sara, black obsidian, red jasper, and more. Each with their own unique properties. 
$20 - $60 ea.